Intellectual Outputs

Greenpreneurs project and our activities consist of 3 Intellectual Outputs plus communicational activities:

Intellectual Output 1 – The Pilot

The pilots of Greenpreneurs Training Module were run in Spring 2016 in Spain, UK & Finland. In the pilots there were created successful, still existing companies, entrepreneurial products & prototypes on the field of Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency, and entrepreneurial attitudes & skills were inspired in the pilot groups of unemployed people of the field. See here a video interview of the Greenpreneurs Pilot group in Navarra, Spain, about their experiences during the pilot program:

Intellectual Output 2 – Train the Trainer modules and Handbook

Based on the learnings from the pilots, in November – April 2016-17 we ran Train the Trainer modules in Spain, UK & Finland to introduce the Greenpreneurs Training Module for Vocational level teachers. The goal of Train the Trainer is that these teachers will be able to spread the knowledge and the training module in the future.

We also published a Handbook on How to successfully run Greenpreneurs Training Module, “Greenpreneurs: A Handbook for Trainers”, also based on our learnings from the pilots. The goal of this handbook is to facilitate qualified organisations in education and employment area, such as regional and national authorities and/or administrations that lead and organise training programmes and strategies to understand Greenpreneurs methodology and to adapt Greenpreneur Training Modules. One example of an organization adapting the methodology could be Vocational Education & Training providers.

Intellectual Output 3 – Training Program

In the Itellectual Output 3 we developed the basis for a guide to create a curriculum for a Greenpreneurs Training Programme in the fields of Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency, “Greenpreneurs: A Guide to Curriculum Design”. The goal of creating this basis is for qualified organisations in education and employment area to be able to create official program based on Greenpreneurs.

Intellectual Output 3 sets out the conditions and criteria to implement the training programme following a blended learning model for unemployed people, in the framework of an official professional certification in the sector of energy efficiency for buildings.

Multiplier Events

To create wider knowledge, to spread learnings and to facilitate interested organizations to implement Greenpreneurs methodology, we also have organized three events:

National Multiplier Event in Bristol, UK

National Multiplier Event in Turku, Finland

The Final Conference: International Multiplier Event in Pamplona, Spain